Click on "My Products" on the navigation panel on the left to access your products page.

1. To add products to your store, start by pressing the green ‘add more products’ button.

2. Type the stock code for the product you wish to add into the search box above the SKU column and hit enter. When the product code you require is shown, select it by clicking in the tiny little box to the left of the SKU, and when the tick appears you have selected it. Keep typing in product codes and ticking until you have selected everything you need. Once everything has been chosen, click the green ‘Add to Store’ button (top right).

If you type in a code for a product that you want to include, and you cannot seem to find it there are a few reasons that this could be:

  • The code you are typing may not be correct, you could have made a simple error so always check twice
  • The product may be discontinued, meaning we have very few left and the system will not let you add it onto your store because of this.
  • Very new products may not have been added onto the website yet, if you cannot find something you require, please contact our support team at
  • Make sure it has not already been added to your products. If you have added it already, it will not appear in the Add to Store section.
  • When selecting your products, once you have typed in the code you will then be able to choose which colours you require.