Security Settings

Enabling this will mean your customers will need to have a passcode to access your store online. You can choose the password, just enter it in the box and save. Remember to pass it on to your customers though! ?


Contact Information

On your store, customers can directly contact the MDS customer service team with any queries. This will be the default contact setting. If you would prefer these queries to come to you, then you can untick the default box and enter your email address. Your customer correspondence will come directly to you.



General – Default Landing Page

Here you can change the home page of your admin panel. It will automatically be set up to be the dashboard. You can change this by choosing from the drop-down box.



Choose your notification preference. If you wish to be notified of your commission payments, please tick the relevant box.



Logo Settings

Personalise your store with your school logo. Upload your logo and ensure you untick the default box.

Social Links

This is where you can add all your social media land website links to show in the footer of the store



Homepage Custom Products

When you add new items to the store, they will appear at the bottom of the home page on the store. You can change this here to show specific products. For example, if you have any bestselling products you would like to add here. Alternatively, you could use this for adding the basic new uniform for new students.